Fully Digital Inter-Disciplinary Clinic

We offer a full range of family, cosmetic and implant dentistry. We are also pleased to offer alternative solutions for snoring and sleep apnea (OSA), orthodontics, and clenching and grinding issues (TMD).

All images are actual patients of Dr. Bown



We value ongoing education and have post-graduate training in:

Mini-Makeovers, Trial Smiles, Esthetic Dentistry
TMJ, Headache, Jaw, Neck Pain (Dr. Bown is a neuromuscular dentist)
Snoring & Sleep Breathing Disorders
Laser Treatments of the Gum Tissue for Cosmetic Purposes
Virtual Impressions (3D technology)
Orthodontics Using Invisalign® (Dr. Bown is a Preferred Provider)
Implants Replacing Tooth Roots (single tooth replacement or denture-supported replacement)

We love to learn, we love our clients, and we can make simple changes that will permanently affect how you look and feel about your smile.

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