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We are committed to improving the health of our clients and our goal is to make you smile and function more beautifully and naturally than you have ever before.

Dentistry is rapidly evolving in the digital field with new technologies and techniques which we are excited to share with you. Our new modern practice has been designed to provide you with an experience that is incredibly gentle and personalized, created by a team that has been practicing together since 2001.

We value ongoing education and have post-graduate training in:

• Mini-Makeovers, Trial Smiles, Esthetic Dentistry
• TMJ, Headache, Jaw, Neck Pain (Dr. Bown is a neuromuscular dentist)
• Snoring & Sleep Breathing Disorders
• Laser Treatments of the Gum Tissue for Cosmetic Purposes
• Virtual Impressions (3D technology)
• Orthodontics Using Invisalign® (Dr. Bown is a Preferred Provider)
• Implants Replacing Tooth Roots (single and denture-supported)

We love to learn, we love our clients, and we can make simple changes that will permanently affect how you look and feel about your smile.

“Change your smile, change your life”

For the smile you've always dreamed of...

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